Welcome to Ethnoplanet

We offer a rare and exclusive selection of entheogens and ethnobotanical seeds, plants and herbs for scientific, educational and spiritual usage. We believe, that researching the mysterious and scientific aspects of these speciments might recover knowledge once obtained by ancient cultures or even generate new and valuable knowledge.
The Ethnoplanet team has worked with entheogens and ethnobotanical speciments for more than 13 years and we consider it our main goal to supply our customers with the best quality speciments avaible. Ethnoplanet was founded in 1998 and has served more than 25.000 customers worldwide. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Currently our international shop is closed down for maintenance - we will launch a new international shop i 2012. 
Take a look in our danish shop here (scandinavian orders only)
Do you need to get in contact with us or want to place an order, please contact info@ethnoplanet.dk



December 2011